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Terrenovo Restoration is licensed by the Department of Professional Regulation of the State of Florida as a Certified Residential Contractor with license number CRC1330574.

Terrenovo offers residential contractor services to homeowners and investors, with special focus on difficult home remodel, construction or restoration projects. On behalf of clients, Terrenovo will bring together architects, plan designer, engineers, tradesmen and inspectors to resolve residential issues and plans.
  • Plan design
  • Engineering calculations
  • Building permit approvals
  • Budgeting and timing of work
  • Hiring of trade subcontractors - structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, finishing, roofing
  • Building inspections and final approval
Terrenovo's fees are determined as a fixed cost, plus adjustments authorized by clients, or as a percentage of project costs approved by clients.

• Illegal additions
• Wood rot
• termite damage
• Illegal/unsafe electrical connections
• Cracks in exterior walls
• Sinking foundations
• Collapsed floors
• Cracked slabs